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About Us

Personal Story

I never thought about office space or cubicle decorations until I took a job in a downtown office building and I was assigned my very own office cubicle.  I loved the job but hated the location. I was used to working outside the office and having the flexibility to work away from the office environment.

Now that I was chained to a desk for 40+ hours a week I was finding myself starring at my cubicle walls and dreaming of being somewhere else.  I tried to create a unique office cubicle but I could not find quality products that were specifically designed for the cubicle dweller. Dream Cubicle was designed to fill that need.


Experience the joy of having a cubicle that reflects who you are and where you dream to be

We want you to smile when you look up from your computer and see your cubicle wallpaper.

We want your cubicle to be the focal point of the office and to generate conversation among your colleagues.


Dream Cubicle Details

Dream Cubicle Easy Stick Cubicle Decor can make your office cubicle a better place to work. We offer a large selection of high-quality images and provide friendly and experienced customer service staff. With our on-time delivery and 100% Satisfaction Guarantee we have become the best choice for custom designed cubicle decor. We offer a variety of custom options: you can make a cubicle image from your own photo or artwork, or choose from a large variety of images on our site.

We have a team of cubicle decor consultants waiting to help you with your cubicle dream. Our number one goal is to ensure that each customer receives the individual attention they deserve. After all, each cubicle represents the dreams and interests of our customers