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Top reasons why employees should have control over their workspace design

Boring Cubicle are costing your company money!!

Top 3 reasons why employees should have control over their workspace design

1. More productive

Studies have shown workers who are involved in the design and layout of their workspace up to 32% more productive.

2. Better Attitude

Studies have revealed the potential for remarkable improvements in workers' attitudes to their jobs by allowing them to personalise their offices and workspace.

3. Better Engaged

When employees are uncomfortable in their surroundings it has been found that not only are they less engaged with their surroundings, but that they are also less engaged with the activities they do within that space. Employees with more control of their soundings are found to be happier and more productive in all of their work activities. Employee satisfaction and engagement increases when an employee is involved in designing and enhancing their workspace.

The old conventions of simplicity and conformity when it comes to office decor are outdated. It is time to for managers to recognize that potential improvements can be made to employee productivity by handing some control of workspace design over to workers and give them an opportunity to realise their own identity in the workplace.

Create your perfect workspace with Dream Cubicle

Underwater Scene

Sources - ScienceDaily article based on a study done by the University of Exeter

We love custom orders

Dream Cubicle

Relaxing Cubicle Wallpaper

Visit Dream Cubicle online to get the best office decor out there! When you come to our website you will see that we offer many different ways of decorating your cubicle with great, fun, and relaxing wallpaper. We know that working in a cubicle all day can be stressful and overwhelming at times. Our office cubicle wallpaper can help you get away and dream!

Great office decor ideas that you can look at are window views, and nature scenes.   If you are interested in the themes we have available, visit us here. We have many different categories of scenes that you can start decorating with. A couple examples include Beach, Ocean, Mountain, Skyline, and Sunsets. A popular Sunset scene is the Amazing Sunset for $24.  This sunset is viewed as if you were standing on top of a mountain. The sun it setting through the clouds giving you the best view of orange and blue. When you view this product, notice that you can order this cubicle wallpaper in 4 different sizes. Choose what fits best and get dreaming today!

Do have questions for Dream Cubicle? If you do, please visit us on our contact page. We would love to hear any suggestions of scenes you may have for us! If you would like to place an order on this Amazing Sunset Wallpaper, please visit us here!

Ocean Cubicle Wallpaper

If you work inside an office with the beautiful view of a cubicle, you need to invest in cubicle wallpaper.  When you shop online on our company website, you will have many different choices to choose from.  When you visit our website, you will find different categories including cubicle scenes, cubicle window views, cubicle accessories, cubicle decor, paint your cubicle, cubicle desktop, and create your own. All of these different categories of the many different wallpapers to choose from for your cubicle will enable to make your desk feel like home, or vacation. A popular scene that we sell is the Underwater Sea 3. This cubicle wallpaper scene comes in 4 different sizes. We make all of our scenes easy to use! All of our scenes are peel and stick! If you liked the Underwater Sea 3 scene, the regular Underwater Sea scene just might be perfect for you!  In this scene you will get a great view of the ocean while looking at sea turtles and exotic fish! To order your scene today visit our website! If you have any questions for us, please feel free to contact us anytime via our website.

Print Your Business Logo Decal

If you are looking for a place that you can get great custom prints of your business logo decal, look no further. On our Dream Cubicle website, you will be able to create your own cubicle wallpaper by uploading an image of your choosing.  If you have your business logo decal, it’d be an awesome treat to your employees to get each one for their offices! Another great idea to change up your desktop a little bit is with our cubic desktops, you can change your desktop to a picture you absolutely love! You have the option to choose one we have to offer, or to upload a picture of your own, making it personalized.  When you get a desktop image from us, it will always come with a clear coat to protect it from getting scratched and liquid spills. Our desktop decals come in one size that fit most office desks. Check out our many great designs we have to offer, or choose to upload your own today! Please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

Spectacular Office Decore

If you work in an office setting, spruce your cubicle up with some awesome office decor everyone will be asking about! We have many different options to help you decorate your cubicle the way you want it!  If you are looking for different ideas, we have a page for that on our website. Click here to visit that page!  Some of our favorite views are our window views to the world outside.  Your office decor will be the talk of the building! Stay relaxed and look out a “window” and dream!  A favorite on our website is the Forest With Sunrays Window View wallpaper.  With this window view, you will make all the squirrels in the world jealous! This great view comes in 3 different sizes. Look out into the forest and daydream about what the world has to offer.  Another great window view is the Beachview With Palm Trees 3 Window View.  This spectacular view is of the ocean on a secluded beach, taking your breathe away with every glance.  This cubicle wallpaper also comes in 3 different sizes. If you would like to view these items, please visit our website! Explore what would suit your office best!

Peel & Stick Cubicle Decorations

Make your cubicle one of a kind! Dream Cubicle is a website that provides all the decorations and wallpapers you could ever dream of for your cubicle in your office! The holiday’s are right around the corner! Get a coworker or friend a decoration or wallpaper for their cubicle! Dressing up your work area makes for a happier and healthier environment. Right now if you spend over $50 on our website, you will get free shipping! We have all kinds of decorations on our website. You can create your own wallpaper, choose a themed wallpaper, or get a “window” view that you have always wanted. Different themes that we offer are themes of the Rocky Mountains to the beaches in Hawaii!  We have a theme for everyone and anyone. Our cubicle scenes are the perfect for gift for a coworker. All of our scenes are peel and stick polyester fabric.  They are made to not wrinkle or rip, and it will stick to all kinds of different fabric. We offer all of our scenes in 4 different sizes so you can fit your favorite place in the warmth of your very own cubicle! Check us out online and order yours today!

Spruce Up Your Cubicle with Dream Cubicle Wallpaper

If you work in an office, this website is for you! We know that cubicles can get boring and sometimes down right depressing. That’s where we come in! Dream Cubicle is the one and only business that sells wallpaper that can spruce up whatever cubicle you have! We want your cubicle to be beautiful, bright, fun, and lively! You can design your own cubicle wallpaper so it reflects on you personally, or you can buy one already designed to your style.  

We offer cubicle wallpapers that you can design on your own, which means, you can put your business logo decal on it.  We want your cubicle to be the point of conversation among your colleagues.  

Some different cubicle wallpapers that we offer are window views.  If you don’t have a window near by, don’t fret; you can get a beach view with palm treats right where you want it.  We have more to offer, cubicle scenes.  If you’re more of a mountain person, then you’ll love the sceneries we have to offer.  But we don’t stop there.  The other categories of cubicle wallpapers are beach, ocean, fields, forest, flowers, sunsets and skylines.  So what are you waiting for? Spruce that boring cubicle up today!

Blog update

Blog Update

Cubie McFly


It has been a while since I have posted a Blog on our Dream Cubicle website. We have been very busy here at Dream Cubicle. We now have a new website look and we have been adding new custom features and developing new products. I will have more details on these initiatives in future blogs.


We will also be starting several contests and launching events designed specifically for the cubicle dweller. Those details will also be released over the next several weeks.


Please take a look at our site and let us know what you think, good or bad. We appreciate the feedback.


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Part 5 – Who invented the office cubicle?

For your reading pleasure, the final blog on who invented the office cubicle!

Who Invented the Office cubicle – Part 5

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Who invented the office cubicle, part four.

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New look Blog for Dream Cubicle

Hi all,

Blogs should be short, fun and relevant.

That is why we have added a new blog look and approach. Check out this weeks blogs on “who invented the office cubicle” in our new format. Let us know if you like it and send us any topic suggestions.


Click on the link below to view todays blog:


March 11, 2013 Dream Cubicle Blog


Think outside the cube!



Dream Cubicle hires new Vice President of Social Media and Internet Marketing

Buzz in the business world today. Dream Cubicle hired a new Vice President of Social Media and Internet Marketing.

Cubie Percival McFly has been buzzing around the social media business since his hatching on February 17, 2013.

McFly has literally been a fly on the corporate office wall, just waiting for the right VP position to come along. McFly stated “I am so excited to join the Dream Cubicle team, they have a great product line and I think my time spent hanging around corporate boardrooms has given me the experience I need to fulfill my new position with Dream Cubicle.”

Linnea Anderson, Dream Cubicle owner stated “We couldn’t get rid of him, he just kept buzzing around the office – so we gave him a job.”

Mr McFly will be in charge of Dream Cubicle Social Media programs including blogs, newsletters and the upcoming Dream Cubicle magazine

Office cubicle – welcome to the jungle!

Wonder what kind of crops are growing in this office? Can anyone identify these plants? Anything illegal?

Good Plants for Cubicles : Dream Cubicle Information

Great information for cubicle dwellers with a green thumb. Anybody else have any great cubicle plant idea’s?

Would you use these toys to decorate your cubicle?

Hope not…but if you, you do…As discussed before, how you decorate and what you decorate your cubicle with does say something about you..now I am not quite sure if decorating your office with excessive childish toys says a lot of positive…Depends on the job and the company you work for I guess.


Creative Ways to Decorate Your Office Cubicle

OK, this article is funny. Easy to read too. So have you considered decorating your cubicle with all the rejection letters you got from past job applications? Didn’t think so …this guy has crazy but funny ideas when it come to decorating your cubicle. Read it.

The cube farm. Creation of the efficiency mentality, bane of corporate existence. How can you make your cube more personal, more distinctive, a real home-from-home? Here’s a few suggestions!

Corporate Memos

“Did you get that memo?” becomes a thing of the past. Every time you receive a memo from upper management, simply print it off and pin it to the partition. You could even print them in different colours and text styles, to highlight the ones full of management-speak that really ruined your day! Soon your cube will become a testament to the inadequacy of your bosses, the ridiculous notions being instituted by the board of Directors and all those intriguing little things you must remember to do with cover-sheets!

Licorice Laces

A dual-purpose idea, as it not only decorates your cube, but provides that essential mid-morning snack to go with your coffee. Stick some longer pins in the partitions and hang licorice laces on them. Give your cube that “licorice jungle” look and go on an eating safari. For the really adventurous, try mixing in some marshmallows or doughnuts.

Corporate Photos

If your company has an employee directory, print off as many photos as you can of your colleagues. Pin them up in little groups, with obscure annotations like “Secure 3″ and “Biohazard” jotted on them in marker pen. To keep your fellow workers as paranoid as possible, you can even move people between groups occasionally… or make them ‘disappear’ suddenly one day!

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Office Cubicle Decorating – Does it show who you are?

I cam across this interesting little article about decorating your cubicle and relating it to our ways our personalities…. It does make you think a bit and there is truth to what the author is saying. Easy read. Do you want to guess if you are a minimalist an over achiever or a middle of the road person? You might guess it wrong.

Decorating one’s office space, be it a cubicle or office can be a perfect way for a newbie to feel comfortable in a foreign environment. It can also be a way for someone to mark their territory. The purpose of this article is to shed light on this phenomenon and help you determine which type of decorator category you fall into (if any, or a little of each).

The Overachiever: We all know this type. They have some of the niceties around their office or cube like pictures of their family or pet and a trinket or two but they also include the hallmark item(s) of the overachiever. They smather (yes, correct ? smother and scatter) their space with all the awards and representation of accolades they?ve ever received. I?ve suspected some even have their elementary school report cards or their reading program certificates lurking in a drawer. They put pride to shame and raise it to a whole new level.

Meaning: I know I am good and I want you and everyone else to know about it. I have a warped ego and think everyone needs to know that I am the most excellent employee, and if you could judge by the number of my degrees (yes, including Jr. High and High School) I am also the smartest person in this organization.

Alternate meaning: I have a very low self-esteem and do this to boost myself up and make you feel low and insignificant. You don?t have this many certificates of completion or outstanding employee awards, do you? Yeah, I didn?t think so.

The Minimalist: They bring absolutely nothing to work and you?re left wondering if they have a fondness for anything. They don?t discuss family, friends, hobbies or sports and sometimes have a strange look in their eye. Okay, so this is the over-dramatized version. Sometimes they are perfectly normal people and discuss the regular things but don?t adorn their cube.

Meaning: I?m not decorating because I don?t know how long I?m staying. I?ve never kept a job very long and I?m not overly secure about how long I?ll keep this one because I am a serial quitter or my bosses are serial firers. Hmmm?

Alternate meaning: I don?t want to get too attached because this is the best place ever and I don?t want to have to seek the free sessions of the Employee Assistance Program to get over it if I?m ever moved.

Middle of the Road: This is pretty much the every person (excluding the minimalist and the maximalist, of course). We bring things to work that remind us of those we love: pictures of our friends, family and/or pets, drawings from our children, trinkets and knick knacks of our favorite animal, vehicle or sports team, sometimes even sayings that make us feel happy or bring laughter and even the occasional errant stickers of our favorite coffee house.

Meaning: I?m just like you. I do this because I have to pay my bills and ?earn a living.? I?m going to make myself feel comfortable while I?m here since I spend more time here than with my family, friends, pets, etc.

The Maximalist: Are you kidding me??? These are the people who move their entire house into their cube and you don?t even have to speak to them to know who they are and what they are like. The ladies will generally surround themselves with a jungle of plants and the men will surround themselves with frat house paraphernalia and toys they couldn?t bear to throw out? since they were five years old!

Meaning: My house is beyond cluttered and this is the overflow. I can?t help it, I keep everything. And, this is cheaper than renting a storage unit. Or, my wife told me to throw it out and I just can?t bring myself to do it.

Alternate meaning: I want to be everyone?s best friend and a great start is for them to know EVERYTHING about me. It?s a wonder these people don?t bring a clothesline to air their dirty laundry (ah, but that?s another topic ? read later about the ?free office psychiatrist?).

I hope this has provided a little insight into yourself, your co-workers or even your boss. And at the very least, you?ve been entertained for a brief moment.

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Cubicle decorating prank

Co-workers always like to play pranks, specially guys…so these guys are re-decorating their co-workers cubicle making it look like a ski hill…..(you have to use your imagination) but it’s a short fun video to watch and might give you ideas….Have to keep the workplace fun, that is the bottom line and if that involves decorating a cubicle then so be it :)

How to decorate a cubicle

element34-300x156.jpgIn the workplace, the high powered executives are smugly set in their corner offices, and the majority crammed into tiny mail-room cubicles. There is no excuse to live in eternal drab just because your workspace is restricted by four walls. It is important that all aspects of your life, including work life, be made as enjoyable and worthwhile as can be. Knowing how to decorate your cubicle to bring you enjoyment is part of this process.

Aesthetic appeals to all humans, and as a result, how to decorate a cubicle is a wonderful skill to possess. The illusion of size and space is one worth consideration when cubicles come to mind. Breaking down walls to increase space is out of the question and as a result you are left with using your creativity.

Here are a few ideas on how to decorate a cubicle:

  • Using paintings and wallpaper prints of beach scenes, skylines or landscapes are favorite options. An abstract mosaic or collage too, is bound to create the mirage of boundless space at first glance. Easy stick, removable wallpaper is an important component of decorating cubicle walls, bolstering the appearance with personality and fun.
  • A beautiful mirror could also be considered as it plays a huge role in the depiction of space, perfectly correlating with the wallpaper and other decorations to achieve the desired effect. The ability of the mirror to reflect and disperse light is unique and has been used on many occasions where the perception of larger space needs to be achieved.
  • Choosing a special flooring or carpet should also play a part in decorating your cubicle. Bold colors such as black and white are preferable but ultimately it’s a matter of personal taste.

If you are wondering how to decorate your cubicle and can’t seem to find a suitable starting point, there are websites which are dedicated to finding ways to decorate your cubicle and make your workspace an enjoyable space!

Football wallpaper

football-cubicle-wallpaper-300x120.pngCool looking football wallpaper for the Super Bowl fans who are stuck in a cubicle during the week!

Only those who spend 40 hours a week in a closed office can understand how difficult it is to spend that much time in a colorless and lifeless cubicle. Undercoated often seem lifeless and since it is your office, it represents you to a certain degree.

The working place should be kept clean and clear of mess, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t decorate them in a way to fit your style and personality.

Today millions of people will be watching the Super Bowl . I am guessing that at least a few thousand of those people watching are working in a cubicle environment. Are you one of them?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you were able to decorate your cubicle with some awesome football related wallpaper or even send in your own Super Bowl or football pictures that could be made into a high quality reusable custom wallpaper? You can stick this easy stick removable wallpaper on cubicle wall to brighten your day and give your cubicle some personality, your personality.

I bet your coworkers would notice and you would have some great conversations starting.

You can check out our football wallpaper selection now.