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Top reasons why employees should have control over their workspace design

Posted by Michael Anderson on

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Top 3 reasons why employees should have control over their workspace design

1. More productive

Studies have shown workers who are involved in the design and layout of their workspace up to 32% more productive.

2. Better Attitude

Studies have revealed the potential for remarkable improvements in workers' attitudes to their jobs by allowing them to personalise their offices and workspace.

3. Better Engaged

When employees are uncomfortable in their surroundings it has been found that not only are they less engaged with their surroundings, but that they are also less engaged with the activities they do within that space. Employees with more control of their soundings are found to be happier and more productive in all of their work activities. Employee satisfaction and engagement increases when an employee is involved in designing and enhancing their workspace.

The old conventions of simplicity and conformity when it comes to office decor are outdated. It is time to for managers to recognize that potential improvements can be made to employee productivity by handing some control of workspace design over to workers and give them an opportunity to realise their own identity in the workplace.

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Sources - ScienceDaily article based on a study done by the University of Exeter