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Design Help

Feeling a little lost? Need some help deciding exactly how to decorate your cubicle?

We're here to help.



Tip #1 - Try One of Our Cubicle Scenes

Our cubicle scenes are designed to create a unique oasis for your cubicle and can be found in a variety of styles such as beach scenes, skylines, mountainess terrain, and many more! Shop Cubicle Scenes Here.


Tip #2 - Create a Window View

Working 40+ hours a week without a window can be a difficult task; Dream Cubicle allows you to give yourself a window view no matter how big or small your cubicle may be.Choose from our selection of hundreds or premade window view options, or upload your own image to create the window view you've always dreamed of. Shop Window Views Here.


Tip #3 - Try a Pattern Makeover

Think about your office cubicle like the favourite room in your house - the options are endless! Why not try a patterned makeover in your office cubicle to create a subtle but dream worthy cubicle. Using a patterened background in your cubicle will allow you to further accent your cubicle with other decor, or keep it simple! Shop Patterned Makeovers Here.

Expert Tip! Try mixing a patterned background with a mural design to really wow your co-workers!



Expert Tip! Add one of corkboards or whiteboards to your cubicle to achieve style and function!


Tip #4 - Upgrade Your Desktop

Thats right, upgrade your desktop! Our easy-stick cubicle wallpaper also works on all desktop surfaces and peels away easily when you're ready for a change. The possiblities are endless, from bamboo, to oak panels, to granite or marble. Be the envy of your office! Shop Desktop Patterns Here.

Expert Tip! Use your desktop as a place to show people your true passion, and with the easy- stick wallpaper you can  try something new when you're ready for a change!


upgrade-your-desktop.png marble-desktop-medium.jpg


Tip #5 - Create Your Own Scene

We want you to create your cubicle, exactly how you want it. That is why we have paintable wallpaper so you can use that space to design whatever you choose, and when you're ready for a change just replace the wallpaper and start over! Shop Paintable Wallpaper Here.


Tip #6 - Think Big!

Our cubicle wallpaper is not only for the small scale design. Any office place can be transformed into a more unique area using our cubicle wallpaper to enhance the spaceShop Murals Here.





Tip #7 - Get Branded!

Your office space is an important place to show everyone who you are, and what you are about. With our custom wallpaper designs you can upload your logo or mission statement to display anywhere you choose. Get branded today!



Still need some more ideas? View our Dream Cubicle Testimonial photos here.