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Peel & Stick Cubicle Decorations

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Make your cubicle one of a kind! Dream Cubicle is a website that provides all the decorations and wallpapers you could ever dream of for your cubicle in your office! The holiday’s are right around the corner! Get a coworker or friend a decoration or wallpaper for their cubicle! Dressing up your work area makes for a happier and healthier environment. Right now if you spend over $50 on our website, you will get free shipping! We have all kinds of decorations on our website. You can create your own wallpaper, choose a themed wallpaper, or get a “window” view that you have always wanted. Different themes that we offer are themes of the Rocky Mountains to the beaches in Hawaii!  We have a theme for everyone and anyone. Our cubicle scenes are the perfect for gift for a coworker. All of our scenes are peel and stick polyester fabric.  They are made to not wrinkle or rip, and it will stick to all kinds of different fabric. We offer all of our scenes in 4 different sizes so you can fit your favorite place in the warmth of your very own cubicle! Check us out online and order yours today!