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Creative Ways to Decorate Your Office Cubicle

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OK, this article is funny. Easy to read too. So have you considered decorating your cubicle with all the rejection letters you got from past job applications? Didn’t think so …this guy has crazy but funny ideas when it come to decorating your cubicle. Read it.

The cube farm. Creation of the efficiency mentality, bane of corporate existence. How can you make your cube more personal, more distinctive, a real home-from-home? Here’s a few suggestions!

Corporate Memos

“Did you get that memo?” becomes a thing of the past. Every time you receive a memo from upper management, simply print it off and pin it to the partition. You could even print them in different colours and text styles, to highlight the ones full of management-speak that really ruined your day! Soon your cube will become a testament to the inadequacy of your bosses, the ridiculous notions being instituted by the board of Directors and all those intriguing little things you must remember to do with cover-sheets!

Licorice Laces

A dual-purpose idea, as it not only decorates your cube, but provides that essential mid-morning snack to go with your coffee. Stick some longer pins in the partitions and hang licorice laces on them. Give your cube that “licorice jungle” look and go on an eating safari. For the really adventurous, try mixing in some marshmallows or doughnuts.

Corporate Photos

If your company has an employee directory, print off as many photos as you can of your colleagues. Pin them up in little groups, with obscure annotations like “Secure 3″ and “Biohazard” jotted on them in marker pen. To keep your fellow workers as paranoid as possible, you can even move people between groups occasionally… or make them ‘disappear’ suddenly one day!

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