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Dream Cubicle hires new Vice President of Social Media and Internet Marketing

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Buzz in the business world today. Dream Cubicle hired a new Vice President of Social Media and Internet Marketing.

Cubie Percival McFly has been buzzing around the social media business since his hatching on February 17, 2013.

McFly has literally been a fly on the corporate office wall, just waiting for the right VP position to come along. McFly stated “I am so excited to join the Dream Cubicle team, they have a great product line and I think my time spent hanging around corporate boardrooms has given me the experience I need to fulfill my new position with Dream Cubicle.”

Linnea Anderson, Dream Cubicle owner stated “We couldn’t get rid of him, he just kept buzzing around the office – so we gave him a job.”

Mr McFly will be in charge of Dream Cubicle Social Media programs including blogs, newsletters and the upcoming Dream Cubicle magazine