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Office Cubicle Decorating – Does it show who you are?

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I cam across this interesting little article about decorating your cubicle and relating it to our ways our personalities…. It does make you think a bit and there is truth to what the author is saying. Easy read. Do you want to guess if you are a minimalist an over achiever or a middle of the road person? You might guess it wrong.

Decorating one’s office space, be it a cubicle or office can be a perfect way for a newbie to feel comfortable in a foreign environment. It can also be a way for someone to mark their territory. The purpose of this article is to shed light on this phenomenon and help you determine which type of decorator category you fall into (if any, or a little of each).

The Overachiever: We all know this type. They have some of the niceties around their office or cube like pictures of their family or pet and a trinket or two but they also include the hallmark item(s) of the overachiever. They smather (yes, correct ? smother and scatter) their space with all the awards and representation of accolades they?ve ever received. I?ve suspected some even have their elementary school report cards or their reading program certificates lurking in a drawer. They put pride to shame and raise it to a whole new level.

Meaning: I know I am good and I want you and everyone else to know about it. I have a warped ego and think everyone needs to know that I am the most excellent employee, and if you could judge by the number of my degrees (yes, including Jr. High and High School) I am also the smartest person in this organization.

Alternate meaning: I have a very low self-esteem and do this to boost myself up and make you feel low and insignificant. You don?t have this many certificates of completion or outstanding employee awards, do you? Yeah, I didn?t think so.

The Minimalist: They bring absolutely nothing to work and you?re left wondering if they have a fondness for anything. They don?t discuss family, friends, hobbies or sports and sometimes have a strange look in their eye. Okay, so this is the over-dramatized version. Sometimes they are perfectly normal people and discuss the regular things but don?t adorn their cube.

Meaning: I?m not decorating because I don?t know how long I?m staying. I?ve never kept a job very long and I?m not overly secure about how long I?ll keep this one because I am a serial quitter or my bosses are serial firers. Hmmm?

Alternate meaning: I don?t want to get too attached because this is the best place ever and I don?t want to have to seek the free sessions of the Employee Assistance Program to get over it if I?m ever moved.

Middle of the Road: This is pretty much the every person (excluding the minimalist and the maximalist, of course). We bring things to work that remind us of those we love: pictures of our friends, family and/or pets, drawings from our children, trinkets and knick knacks of our favorite animal, vehicle or sports team, sometimes even sayings that make us feel happy or bring laughter and even the occasional errant stickers of our favorite coffee house.

Meaning: I?m just like you. I do this because I have to pay my bills and ?earn a living.? I?m going to make myself feel comfortable while I?m here since I spend more time here than with my family, friends, pets, etc.

The Maximalist: Are you kidding me??? These are the people who move their entire house into their cube and you don?t even have to speak to them to know who they are and what they are like. The ladies will generally surround themselves with a jungle of plants and the men will surround themselves with frat house paraphernalia and toys they couldn?t bear to throw out? since they were five years old!

Meaning: My house is beyond cluttered and this is the overflow. I can?t help it, I keep everything. And, this is cheaper than renting a storage unit. Or, my wife told me to throw it out and I just can?t bring myself to do it.

Alternate meaning: I want to be everyone?s best friend and a great start is for them to know EVERYTHING about me. It?s a wonder these people don?t bring a clothesline to air their dirty laundry (ah, but that?s another topic ? read later about the ?free office psychiatrist?).

I hope this has provided a little insight into yourself, your co-workers or even your boss. And at the very least, you?ve been entertained for a brief moment.

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